Reference B7CJM
, Brevard County, Florida
Complete exterior repaint including all stucco walls, stucco trim bands, doors, window frames, fascia, flashing, gutters, downspouts, screened pool enclosure, pool & back patio deck, front deck, decorate concrete masonry at front yard rock beds and plants, and mail box. All coatings were chosen for maximal harmony with the orange tones present in the shingles, yard rock beds and plants. Seven (7) different colored coatings were applied, in order of lighter to darker: window frame/fascia/flashing color (white) => back patio ceiling color (white lightly tinted with orange) => stucco walls color (light orange) => stucco trim bands color (medium orange) => pool deck color (medium darker orange) => front patio/garage deck/yard rock & plants border masonry color (dark orange) => front door color (red/orange/copper metallic/bronze metallic) => pool enclosure color (dark bronze)














before pictures:


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